Lease Service Choices & Agreement

In order to provide you with the finest service and results possible, it is essential to start with a strong foundation of understanding. Our philosophy of maximizing value, protecting your investment, and providing excellent service begins with knowledge of your property and the local real estate market. To provide a lower vacancy factor, we continuously market to potential Tenants as well as network within the real estate community.  we provide service with a high degree professionalism and personal dedication.


Services Provided:                                                                                                                                  

  1. Property Inspection and tips for marketing your home
  2. Pre-screen prospective Tenants to align with your property
  3. Discuss methods to enhance your properties appeal for quick rental
  4. Set an agreed upon fair market price for rent to attract customers
  5. Prepare marketing campaign (Place your property on various online services and our website)
  6. Place our professional “FOR LEASE” sign in yard, window, garage or appropriate location
  7. Show property to prospective tenants, conduct open houses, if applicable
  8. Screen and qualify prospective tenants (Credit, Eviction, Public Records)
  9. Confer with you on prospective tenant's application for your approval
  10. Prepare lease documents, disclosures and addendum's
  11. Collect deposits and move in money. Monthly rent paid direct to you after first month.
  12. You will receive a copy of the signed Lease Agreement and addendum's, a statement and a check for the balance held in Trust for your account minus our leasing fee. 

          Fee for Lease:        

  1. For leasing, we work with Industry recognized 10% of the annual gross lease dollar. This is split with any cooperating Broker that brings a qualified Tenant and executes a lease.
  2. Renewal of lease after initial term is at 3 - 5% of gross annual dollar, if our service is used.
  3. If Tenant stays after term as a month-to-month Tenancy, no fee is due.

          Ala Carte Management Fee Options During Lease Term:

  1. Take calls from Tenant during lease term.
  2. Assess request or concern about property from tenant.
  3. Facilitate remedy to protect the comfort of the Tenant and the financial comfort of the Owner.     This may include calling the appropriate sub-contractor, repair person, warranty company or mitigate the problem myself. Work outside of warranty that exceeds $250 will get pre-approval from Owner, Add 15% of any billed contractor service if applicable.
  4. If service provided, a statement will be issued and payable the month service is performed.

          Check box to indicate your level of service requested, provided during the lease term.

  1.  Pay as you go rate $75 per hour billed in ½-hour increments per incident, for time actually used.
  2.  Flat rate of $100 per month paid monthly, (Zelle, check, electronic check)
  3.  Lease Only Service